I admit I was wrong

Okay, I hate that I have to do this, but it seems that if I made a blog about C++, OpenCL and CUDA in a language in which I personally know all the native speakers that do care about those technologies (GPGPU ones the most), I could not have really big audience (they are literally 5 people and Boris. Hey Boris!). So I will start blogging in english. I have bad english, but I will try to do my best.

Before a year or so I decided to write down a paper in which I wished to tell people more about how do I have spend a couple of months in Chaos. Basically it was a story of how we solved a problem, that we had (it is not a general solution that works everywhere and for everybody, but it did worked for us back then). And I learned a lesson – writing papers is boring and frustrating. You have to write a certain number of pages, you have to have references, abstract and images all around the place. Than you have to convince somebody that what you have written is worth it (“it made a popular raytracer faster is not enough of a proof, apparently). And dealing with the academic community was not hours of fun.

So, I am starting to blog about CUDA (and some C++ and OpenCL ofc, but we will start with more CUDA, I think). In english.
I will start with the boring stuff (what is CUDA and why I don’t write more about OpenCL) and I will move to the more interesting one (fast). I promise that even in the boring ones, I will do my best to tell spicy important details that I had hard time finding.

Stay tuned.

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